Photo by David Méndez

My name is Laura Arias, I’m from Bilbao, Spain and I do work as an IT Engineer far longer than I dare  confess. In 2013 my passion for cooking led me to  start writing a recipe blog, Because,   which was very successful from the very beginning and even won an important award from Spanish TV channel Canal Cocina, which specializes in cooking. 

Over the years I started working as a photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer for several brands and companies in the food, household and decoration fields.

My recipes characterize mainly by their appetizing and the use of fresh  and quality products. And so, my style in photography transmits everyday’s beauty through simple compositions and a particular use of color and textures that help me print  personality in each image. 

At the end of 2017 I closed down the blog as a recipe summary and started this website where I publish part of my photography work in the portfolio, as well as my recipes and some personal stories.



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